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Game Ideas for Your Classroom

Principal requested, research supported, but how do you do it? Where do you find them? GAMES! Honestly, in the moment, it is hard to really think about games and incorporating them into lessons. Also, what is the definition of games? In the classroom, games can look different. There are board games to play whenever, there are educational games, and, now, there are digital games. Let's take a look at the second choice - Educational Game ideas for your classroom! Even better, these are ideas from other teachers to help you build your game ideas for any grade!

Game Idea One: Tell Me Why

The first idea is a fun game idea for your reading classroom. It is called "Tell Me Why" and is suggested by Elizabeth P. This game needs white boards, markers, and premade text evidence from the teacher. But it comes with a twist. You need to design your answers to be WRONG! Then, students will work to "Tell Me Why" I am wrong. They write their answers on the white board. A quick "Show Me" can be used to reveal correct answers. This can be used with any book, any group, any day! One suggestion to include everyone is to rotate the board for writing, give students their own boards, make one student the page finder (include the page number in the answer!), and switch it up for math problems and find the "Tell Me Why" the problem is incorrect!

Game Idea Two: Snowball Fight

How about a snowball fight to liven up your classroom game ideas?! This one has been snowballing for awhile, but thinking of it differently is where it can be fun! One creative way to use this game is to have a premade answer sheet or simply have students number their paper to do the work. You can then pass out the "snowballs". These can be premade questions, math problems, word problems, or anything else you can think of. Divide your class in half and line them up across from each other, each with a "snowball". Or, just have them stand around the room. When you say "GO", give them 20 seconds to "Snowball Fight!" When the time is up, they grab a snowball and answer the question! The best thing of all, the kids crinkle up the snowballs and do it again! Great fun and definitely a great game idea for your classroom.

Game Idea Three: Headbanz!

This one is so much fun for everyone, so you will totally want to add this your game ideas for your classroom! And, no, you don't have to buy the actual game either! Simply visit your local Dollar Store and buy stretch headbands. These will fit around the students' heads and act as the part that holds the cards. Then use index cards for the cards to display to the other players. Then you can vary the game in a number of ways. For instance, you can put vocabulary words on the cards and the other student can act out the word. For multiplication, the student can have a fact and the other student can give the product. The student with the card will have to guess his multiplication problem. You can even use this to team up. Put colors on the cards and complete a Yes/No Morning Meeting Greeting till you find your team! The possibilities are endless with this game, just get your best ideas for your classroom and the game works!

Game Idea Four: SCOOT!

SCOOT! Who doesn't love it? It is truly a game that works for any idea you have for your classroom. To understand how easy and awesome it is to get kids playing SCOOT, take a set of task cards, lay them out on the student's desks (and your table if needed), decide how long it should take to solve the problem and you've got the basics you need to start a game of SCOOT! I personally love using the game for math and have an entire set of SCOOT games for regrouping addition and subtraction facts! One of the key things to have is an answer sheet. This way, students can record their answers easily and organized! Don't forget to time the questions and announce SCOOT when it is time to move!

Game Idea Five: Student Created Games!

While you are looking for great game ideas for your classroom, don't overlook the students themselves! With careful planning, a guide to keep them on track, and, in the end, a grade for their game, you can have a class full of games to play - and student success! It is actually a fun project to get kids involved in and allows them to show what they know about a topic. The basics are pretty easy! Don't give them too much to go on, but balance it without frustrating them! Students need to think critically and this is one of those activities that allows them to do so. Giving basic directions and let them go. The balance comes in your outcome expectations! Deciding these outcomes may be based on the skill, the game expectations or both! But that's the fun in all of this!

If you are looking for help with this idea, try out my Create a Board Game Student-Led Learning. It has everything you need to make student created games easier for you and the students!

Bonus Idea: Trasketball

I love this one myself and can't wait to try it out! Trasketball is totally a great game idea for any classroom according to Jessica L. It seems easy enough. Divide the students into teams. Each team member writes the answer down on a small piece of paper so they are prepared to answer the question. Now you pull a stick for them to answer and get points. They "SHOOT" the answer into the trash can after answering! Points can be based off of correct answers or, even, how many make it into the basket from the team! Super fun way to review or practice a skill together!

I hope these ideas help you with adding some games into your classroom. It is easier than you think and these ideas can become great game ideas in your classroom!


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