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New Site, New Blog, New Life

Life does crazy things! I never thought it would apply to my life!

How My Life Changed

“A Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His Holy Dwelling .” Psalm 68.5

When I last ventured into blogging, I was a wife who had a full and happy life. Two beautiful boys and a supportive husband who I loved and loved me.

Then Events Changed

In one phone call, my whole life changed. I was asked to come, to come right away! That CPR was being done. Driving there, I gave my husband to the Lord, knowing that His plan was not my plan, His ways were not my ways, and that trust was all I could do. I knew in my heart what the outcome was. I knew and, yet, it was still the most horrible moment of my life.

As a Widow

Time stands still. Life stops and, yet, moves at lightning speed, as you spend your days going up and down the waves of grief. I am so thankful for great friends who prayed for me”

Life became a struggle, but not teaching. Teaching was the thing that made my life worth while, it's what got me up each day. I would get up, go to work, and be "normal" all day. I was so grateful for my students, their supportive parents, a supportive group of staff members, and an amazing admin. I laughed, I read stories, I taught content, all automatically while my brain couldn't remember regular life. The three + months worth of paper towels in my garage where the evidence of that. Every time I went to the store, I buy more, never remembering that there were plenty at home.

Then Things Changed

January arrived, and, for all of us in the house, life changed. It was the refreshing "new" start we needed. We have been more positive, moving forward through therapy and just plain healing through our faith and those who pray for us. I can't say that it hasn't been hard-oh, it's been hard-but healing is happening. I am thankful for Grief Share, a program that guides people who are ready through the grief process. I am thankful for my counselor, I am grateful for my friends who walked all the way through this with me, my Mastermind Group who supported me with my business, and I am grateful for my faith! I am also grateful for so many friends on Social Media, those who have never met me who pray for me still!

Gradually, my creativity has returned! I am loving that! Even through the Pandemic, I have been creative with my classroom, creative with teaching, and creative with my TpT product creation! I've learned new things like how to create Boom Cards and how to use Schoology! I'm learning new things, like how to make Google products and how to make my own websit! But above all, I've learned that I can make it through the WORST things and, relying on my faith, friends, and creativity, I can be healed and I can look to the future! Thank you for being there and helping me along with my journey through this blog post and beyond!


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